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Speed Control & Stopping

SLAP's Message is Simple!

Teach new riders the skills they need to be SAFE and be harsh about it!

  • Never ride with someone that can’t stop or won’t wear a helmet. Have an extra to lend.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding, use a full face if you plan to go fast!
  • Always wear slide gloves and knee pads…
    you ARE going to fall.
  • Falling and crashing are not the same, practice using your slide gear.
  • Riding on the street, look ahead and behind you every 30 seconds.
  • Riding a ditch, look at the sky every 10 minutes for any dark clouds.
  • Know when to quit! Dark clouds, too many cars or too many pedestrians.
  • Know how to stop! Foot brake, shut down slide, speed check, knee slide.

SLAP Safety Techniques


The best tips we can offer are to learn your crash options first, push limits second. Learn to slow down and stop BEFORE you learn to go faster than you can run out. Learn to go to your knee pads and slide BEFORE you learn to drop into the pool, park or ramp. This kind of training is exactly opposite of what we see depicted in the Skateboard mags and videos where riders put safety gear on after they have an injury.