Jimmy Riha Goes Hollywood

A few weeks ago we received a call from Jimmy Riha about a project he was working on with a French production company who hired on Michael Alfuso to direct the skate filming. Dubes was contacted about being a follow car driver for the shoot, since Jimmy was adamant that the driver was a fellow skater experienced in follow car driving. Ends up this is for a music video. We can’t say who the artist is yet, but we will be sure to share the video around early February when it is released! 


Dubes arrived for at 6AM breakfast and planning session in rainy cold conditions. Not ideal for a 55 MPH+ run dumping into hairpins. The crew broke into teams for the day and headed up the mountain to find less than ideal conditions. Anxious to start filming, the first rig we started out with was impressive to say the least. Shooting on a Sony F5 with an assortment of Zeiss Super Speed lenses we knew the footage would be unreal.


After a few runs in the wet/patchy conditions the sun burnt through and everyone was warmed up. Dubes was behind the wheel, Michael Alfuso was on the monitor & navigation while Jonathan Park was handling focus and exposures.

After we had captured the high speed follow footage we moved to a high-hat setup for lead car filming, Tight Quarters for the film crew, but we handled it and caught every shot we needed, and much more. Jimmy was beyond dialed handling the most difficult job with ease.


Once we took a quick lunch break, the producer needed Jimmy for some “lifestyle” shots which was a nice break from skating. Alfuso and JP got the pleasure of operating the F5 on a RONIN Gimbal.


The sun was quickly dropping and there was one scene left to film. We Rallied to the final location and set up the most difficult shots of the day. The final scene of the script is Jimmy slamming into a Pickup truck and exploding into a flock of birds. There were multiple angles to get including skating/driving directly at the truck rolling into the lane of travel and swerving around it at the last second. Jimmy was smacking the fender with his hand every take…


Dubes also drove the mini van rigged with a harness for Alfuso to hang fully out of the moving vehicle operating a shoulder mount capturing Jimmy’s theoretical perspective of the scene.


Minutes before the sun fell behind the mountains the crew completed the last scene and the day was a wrap. Timeship will be getting the raw footage after the music video is released, expect to see an Timeship edit in the next few months.