Barrett Junction Outlaw

Barrett Junction has been a solid fixture in SoCal Skateboard/Luge racing for over 15 years. Located 26 miles inland and 2 miles north of the Mexican border you enter a unique isolation on the abandoned old highway. There is longtime running agreement between skaters and the overwhelming amount of Border Patrol agents that we can skate Barrett as long as we stay off the new highway.

Barrett was never smooth perfect pavement and over the years has disintegrated into what many consider to be riding on loose tiles of pavement with heinous cracks, potholes and cat-tracks. The concept is difficult to understand until you have skated the road, but the terrifying experience of taking runs and surviving is a new rush for even the most skilled riders in the world. 

For years the skaters camped next to the shut down area of the race track. Recently the closest homeowner has complained and now we stay behind the Barrett Junction cafe, the only place for food anywhere near the hill. The staff makes you feel like your visiting home for the holiday, home cooked meals and smiles everywhere. Saturday was all practice, lurking and shenanigans, The MUIRcedes came through as it always seems to do as shuttle vehicle.


Aero Mom.

Saturday night everyone gathered after dinner at the campsite to hang out, listen to music and party a bit. Barrett is always on a very relaxed schedule and you just have to go with the flow.


Sunday was race day. Registration was relaxed and cut off was a friendly 10:30 AM. Max Capps organized the race and dealt with sign ups. Danny Connor helped the cause and laid down the law over the Megaphone.


The bracket was quite small and has been dwindling the last few years. Most likely due to the road conditions rapidly worsening. 16 Racers entered into 4 man heats. The heats were heavy and even the most experienced racers struggle to stay on their board, all while trying to race 4 wide. 


Finals Start Line.

Racers dropped like flies and Aaron “A-Swag” Hampshire had taken the win. Riders took a few more runs and everyone headed home for a wrap of yet another Barrett Junction.

Final Standings.