Dump Road has been skated on and off as an outlaw track since 1997. Its called Dump Road, well, because its a dead end road leading up to a dump outside of Riverside, CA. Closed on Sundays we didn’t see a single car all day. There were 37 Registered Racers contributing into a cash purse of about $800. We were lucky enough to have a handful of the O.G. Racers show up like the Rogers Brothers, Rick Kludy, Chris Chaput and a few others, these guys paved the way for what we are doing today!

Ryan Ricker With Rick Kludy, John Rogers and Johnny Miller.

Practice started around 10:30 and as with any Cali Outlaw, very mellow. People hung out, took some runs and got their legs warmed up for racing, scheduled to start around High Noon. Heats started and were stacked pretty quick. We apologize for not having many photos of skating, We were too busy skating!

Team Lurk.
Ricker looking moderately excited to skate.
Josh Rolf AKA Munkae went bananas today and ended up in the finals.
Chris Chaput of Abec 11/Fyre having a chat with Fred of Ronin Trucks.

Dump was a drag race as always, with everyone fighting to sandbag off the line. It’s no secret, you don’t want to kick out in front. All your going to be is Draft Bait. Its pretty comical really, watching 6 Racers fake pushing and trying to get into the middle of the pack. Every Run is full tuck, drafting in tight packs with 5 other riders at around 60MPH. If you ever have the chance to attend a Dump Road Outlaw we highly recommend it.

Luge even Made a showing, Finals making the way down.
Finals in the side view Mirror. Tim Del out front.
Tim took the win and put some solid cash in his pocket!
The most relaxed podium we’ve seen in awhile.

Results are as followed. The crew had a great Sunday, hopefully you spent yours skating as well!
1. Tim Del
2. Dustin Hampton
3. Max Capps
4. Drew Edwards
5. Josh Rolf
6. Jared Roy