Getting ready to Bet On Speedway

The 2012 season has come to an end and now we work on the cars to get them ready for the 2018 season. There are races all over the place, the 12th at Citrus, the 19th at Ellisville, the 26th at Bronson. I am hoping to head to Citrus on the 12th, just to watch, and maybe….just maybe be able to try out the new Sportsman at Ellisville on the 19th. And maybe Rodney will be bringing the #39 Street Stock back out then as well. Andy has a new motor for his car so he might be racing too. It’s all up in the air for the January racing with the Nickel and Dime Racing team. We’ll just have to see. We’ll at least be in the stands cheering on our friends. Good luck to all of our friends who are racing, including that Jim Higgensomethingorother who’s racing at NSS today. We look forward to see you all at the track.

One More Race in 2018

There’s one more race left in 2018 and it’s at Ellisville Speedway and it’s next weekend, 12/15. Andy will have his Thunderbird back on the track again looking for that checkered flag. Rodney has both the #39 Street Stock and the #139 Sportsman almost ready to go. Hopefully we get us one more sponsor so these 2 cars can be finished up right and be ready to race when the 2013 season starts. I’ve sat on the side lines for far too long and I’m ready to get back in the mix!

Condolences to the McClellan family

Nickel and Dime Racing would like to offer our condolences to fellow racer Farelon ‘JF’ McClellan and his family for the loss of his mother, Dorothy McClellan on November 1st. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire McClellan family.

Racing again at Ellisville Speedway

And Andy and Kim will be back in action. The issues with both cars ahve been taken care of and they are ready to hit the track again. We have received a motor for the new sportsman and hope to have it ready to race soon. And it looks like we will be picking up a new short block for the 39 car tomorrow. Get the top end on and the 39 will be back on the track as well. So come on out to Ellisville Speedway and check out the racing odds.

The 39 and 76 cars are done for now

This winter season has not been good for the Nickel and Dime team. Andy’s Thunderstock ran hot a couple of weeks ago and suffered some engine damage and tonight the motor in the 39 came apart. Hopefully we will find some sponsors soon that will help us to get things back on the track again.

Finally the 39 car hits the track…

The 39 car was at the Grand Openinig that was rained out and has not been able to return. But tomorrow night that changes!! Rodney will be bringing it back out along with Kim with her 46 car. Andy’s car suffered some motor damage at the last race so he will not make it this week. We look forward to seeing everyone out at the old track tomorrow night.

Welcome back Scott Roberts Insurance

Nickel and Dime Racing would like to welcome back Scott Roberts Insurance as a sponsor for the 2013 season. Scott Roberts Insurance will remain on the hood of the 39 car driven by Rodney Alldredge. Thank you very much for your support.

New Grand opening this weekend…

This weekend Ellisville Speedway will once again to hold their grand opening. The weather is looking good so we are looking forward to having racing at the old track again. We’ll see everyone there!

Sportsman on hold…

It looks like the Nickel and Dime’s Sportsman debut will be put on hold until next year. We are having some trouble finding sponsorship to help finish so it looks like the rolling chassis will have to sit for a while longer. But even though I won’t be in a car, I’ll still be at the track cheering on Rodney, Kim and Andy and doing my best to help get them into victory lane!